Incubating eggs.

I have decided to write this page to inform others of my experience with making a home made incubator and the results that I have gotten with mine.
My incubator is a old cooler that we added a heat source and fan, the thermostat  is for lower water heater.Since we have put this one in the temp has been from 95° to 103° A lot of people will tell you that the temp need to be a a constant 99.5° and I have found that that is not the way it would be under the hen so my temp is from 97° to 107°. The humidity was the same way from 35% to 84%. I have turned all my eggs by hand and I will for it lets me be close to the eggs. I turn them three times a day till lock down then it is twice maybe three times depending on if  I remember. I have also found that having the eggs on there sides is better for a good hatch, but this might not be so for everyone.
At lock down you really do not want to open up your incubator but if you have to to turn other eggs that is fine just do it as fast as you can. You want the humidity to stay above 60% if you open it and I have found that having the humidity in the 80s is best for lock down.On hatch day which is day 21 or 22 depending on how you count. I count three weeks from the day I put them in, so if I put them in on a Sunday they will start to hatch on Sunday three weeks later. I do not open my incubator on hatch day and if I do have other eggs in there that are to hatch later I just don't turn them that day till I take the baby chicks out. I find that taking them out of the incubator once they get a bit of strength it keeps them from getting into the fan. My fan is up but if they get up and moving to much they could get into it..

Please remember this is just what I have found works for me. It will be different in different parts of the world.

My hatch rate for 2011
18 in, 5 not fertile, 13 to lockdown, 11 hatch.
3 in, 1 quit(was double yolk) 2 to lock down, 2 hatch.
9 in, 9 to lock down, 4 hatch, Did the egg carton idea, did not work for me.
24 in, 16 to lock down, 13 hatched.
47 in , had a lot that were not fertile or just quit.18 to lock down, 12 hatched.

 I have made some modification to the incubator. I have added a wire bottom that sits on a 13 x 9 cake pan. I have also put a tube int he bottom vent hole so that I can add water without opening the lid. I will add more pictures once I get it up and running again.

UPDATE 2/6/12
I pulled the incubator out and start it up. It works just as good as last year so far. I will keep track of hatch rates here.
2/6/12 - 20 9 pm eggs in, 4 quit,
2/24/12 - 9 pm lock down ,
2/25/12 am - glass broke ,
2/27/12 - Hatch date 16/16 hatch so it was 100% hatch.

3/3/12 - 47 eggs in, from auction at $.17 an egg. 1 Louise's eggs and 2 of Lucky's(3/7/12) added
3/24 -3/26 hatch over a three day period with 31 hatching 2 have died. for a totla of 29, still have Luckies two to go. 79% hatch rate.

2/4/13 - 37 eggs in to the incubator