Friday, January 29, 2016

Well there really is not a lot going on here. I have been cooking some new recipes like these pork chops and I made fish last night that was breaded with bread crumbs and coconut.
The chickens are not laying all that well. I did get 5 new hens a time back but lost 4 of them to something getting into the coop. I also hatched some bantam, I ended up with two hens And a rooster. The rooster runs around with Ginger my hen that was in the house time back.
Not to sure if I will get a garden in this year, I sure did not last year. I did get my book on dehydration and have been dehydrating a lot of frozen vegetable and other thing that I can keep around for snacks. If I do get the garden in my dehydrater will be going a lot.
Just before I dot my book and that I got very lucky and found around 70 mason jars for around $6 most of them being wide mouth quarts. That helped with storing all the dehydrated food I have been dehydrating.


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