Been on the run

Friday, October 17, 2014
Sorry that it has been sometime since I have posted. I have been on the run. My son started back to collage and I have been having to get up at Dark 30(5:30) so that I can get my DH to work and then have the car so that I can get my son to school. Along the way I have meet some great people. 
We have got the food cupboard stocked back up and my son bought me a dehydrator so that I could start putting more food away. I had to make him a batch of buffalo/ground chuck jerky but it was really good. I have also dried some corn and peas. I am going to try and make some fruit leathers this weekend if I can find the cutting sheets at the dollar store. 

I started vaping. This is smoking an e-cig. I think it is helping with my asthma a bit, for I have had no attacks in the two weeks I have been doing it. this is a lot cheaper than the medication that I am to take and it works for it is the same darn stuff that is in my inhaler. I can breath, I can laugh without have an asthma attack and I am doing 0 nic. Lot better than a cigarette that is for sure. My son quit smoking and is now vaping too. No more cigarette smell and the flavors smell great. I am even making some lanyards for the e-cigs that we use for the place we buy all our stuff at.

The chicken are on strike for the time, I am only getting one or two eggs a day if I am lucky, but then it is getting colder and they are molting. I just might have to break down and buy some.

I shut down my business for I was not making any sales and I could not keep going. Everything that was on my site can still be gotten at I even get my dogs PetHealth™ OPC Formula with Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats from them. My oldest dog takes this every night and she is able to walk and move a lot better. We found out just how well once we ran out of the first jar of it.


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