Slithering Time Last Night

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Last night when I went to gather eggs I found a 5 foot black snake in the nests boxes. No I really do not mind sharing some eggs with the snake, but leave when you are done so I do not know you have been there. I am getting more eggs than I can use and don't have many placed to get rid of them anymore. Most of my hens and the rooster are to big for the snake to bother. I mean there was a hen in the bottom next box and the snake was in the to with his tail going up the wall. I do not have all that good of light in the coop area but I saw that there was a snake in there and ran to the house to get my son to help me remove the snake.
The reason I do not mind the snake having a few eggs is that they also help with the mice and rats in the area and that is a good thing. Mind you I do have 6 cats but they can only do so much and they do there share. They even try to bring them in to the house to show us they are doing there job.

I hope to get a bit more cooking done this weekend. I would like to get some biscuits made and in the freezer. Some gravy mix made and some season packs. I make my own taco seasoning and chili seasoning. I really try to have stuff like this on hand and do not buy what it is the store. I know that they are not the same but they work for my family. In the fall and winter we eat more chili and soups so that is going to be what we will start to work on over the next few weeks. With the price of meat going up so much I have been cutting back on how much we each get to eat. We are adding more salad, fruit and cole slaw at dinner time. I make my own cole slaw dressing. I leave out the hot sauce and use bag cabbage and that. I also do not every have buttermilk on hand so I just use regular milk.


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