Slithering Time Last Night

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Last night when I went to gather eggs I found a 5 foot black snake in the nests boxes. No I really do not mind sharing some eggs with the snake, but leave when you are done so I do not know you have been there. I am getting more eggs than I can use and don't have many placed to get rid of them anymore. Most of my hens and the rooster are to big for the snake to bother. I mean there was a hen in the bottom next box and the snake was in the to with his tail going up the wall. I do not have all that good of light in the coop area but I saw that there was a snake in there and ran to the house to get my son to help me remove the snake.
The reason I do not mind the snake having a few eggs is that they also help with the mice and rats in the area and that is a good thing. Mind you I do have 6 cats but they can only do so much and they do there share. They even try to bring them in to the house to show us they are doing there job.

I hope to get a bit more cooking done this weekend. I would like to get some biscuits made and in the freezer. Some gravy mix made and some season packs. I make my own taco seasoning and chili seasoning. I really try to have stuff like this on hand and do not buy what it is the store. I know that they are not the same but they work for my family. In the fall and winter we eat more chili and soups so that is going to be what we will start to work on over the next few weeks. With the price of meat going up so much I have been cutting back on how much we each get to eat. We are adding more salad, fruit and cole slaw at dinner time. I make my own cole slaw dressing. I leave out the hot sauce and use bag cabbage and that. I also do not every have buttermilk on hand so I just use regular milk.

Sundays cook - a - thon

Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Well on Sunday we got a bit of a late start on the cooking for the next two weeks. I started by putting the two chickens in the crock-pot to cook for 6 hours on high. I then taking some of the 3 lbs of bulk breakfast sausage and made 3 oz patties for my husband for his morning breakfasts, and placing them in the freezer to freeze a bit so I could put them in to a bag for next week. My son started with the 10 lbs of Ground meat(we use a 60/40 blend of beef/pork) first we used 4 lbs and make 6 1 lb meat-loafs. Yes 6 for with the other stuff in there you can stretch it to 6. After the meatloaf was partial frozen I wrapped in in plastic wrap and put them in a 1 gallon ziploc bag. Please do not ask me what we put in to them for we never us the same recipe for meatloaf. Then my son cooked down 5 lbs with some onion, and we got 3 1 lb bag of ready to use cooked ground meat. This can be used for tacos, sloppy joes, hamburger helper(homemade of course) and a number of other stuff. We used about 2 lbs of the ground meat to make mini meatballs for homemade hot pockets. My son made 3 batches of pizza dough for the hot pockets that were to be made. we made 8 meatball and 8 pizza for the freezer but two of the meatball got eat that night. We then made more pizza ones for dinner that night and some got put in the freezer. I shredded the chicken and place it in two bowls to make Chicken enchilada with, still have to make them tomorrow. We also have three packs of chicken breast for stuff like Chicken Alfredo, chicken nuggets and just to be fried up. This morning/afternoon I make a breakfast egg salad with hard boiled eggs, sausage and tater tots. My son and I can place some on an English muffin and run out the door with it.

I still have some meats that are left from the last few shopping trips that we will use on nights that my son and I are at home all day. He only has classes 4 days a week so we are home Friday and and the weekends. I hope that over time we will be able to build up a stock of stuff in the freezer, but with the change of power outage in the winter I don't like having the freezer to stock up. Here is October we will really be doing some stocking up on food. We do this twice a year so that I always have something to make no matter what happens.

New thing are coming.

Friday, August 8, 2014
Over the next few month we are in for some changes. With my son going back to college and us all being out of the house from dark 30 till between 6 and 7 PM we are  having to do dinner a different way. I have been look up "freezer cooking " or in other words having a freezer full of meals ready to go. A lot of what I am finding is not stuff that my family will eat. Having cooked chicken an hamburger in the freezer will be a big part of what we will have. Tonight my son made a large batch of pasta sauce. This is a sauce that we will use for pizza, lasagna, and other items that uses a pasta type sauce. I will give the recipe in a bit. Over the last week I made a roasted chicken and with the leftovers I made a Chicken a la king that can be use for Chicken Pot Pie or served over noodle or biscuits. I have placed the leftovers of this in a gallon zip lock bag and put it in the freezer.

We are going to work on a lot more stuff over the weekend and thru the week that we have left. One of the things that I would like to make are some hot pockets so that I have some lunch stuff. I will try to post what I can over the next few days, but there are a lot of blogs and sites about this type of cooking.

Now for that pasta sauce recipe.
Our pasta sauce

1 lb ground beef
1 28 oz crushed tomatoes
1 14.5 oz can of fire roasted diced tomatoes
2 14.5 oz cans of Italian style Diced Tomatoes
1 6 oz can tomato Paste
3 Cans mushrooms
1 jar of store bought pasta sauce of your choice.
Italian seasoning, no measurement, use to taste
Parsley, no Mesaurement, use to taste
1/8 of a cup of sugar
Onion, We were out of fresh onions so we use some dehydrated minced, I would say a 1/4 cup
Garlic, 2 clover, you can use more if you like
Olive Oil, about a 1/4 cup

Brown the meat in a fry pan.
add onion garlic and olive oil to large pot and saute for about 5 minutes
dump the rest of the ingredients and hamburger in and simmer for about 30 minutes.

This makes about 3 qts of sauce.

sever over pasta and freeze what is left for a later time.