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Monday, June 23, 2014
The weather has been ok, a bit on the warm side and with out the AC to keep it dry, the humidity has really gotten to me. I had a hen go broody a time back and got two chicks out of it. I move the chicks into the house for the hen was not doing a good job of taking care of them. The one that hatched a week later than the first keep wondering off and mom hen would not care. They are both doing very good and seems there is one roo and a hen.
Was working out side this weekend since we had a break in the storms so that we could get the grass mowed, still did not get it all done. At one time I went to check for eggs since I have to more often than in the winter, and I found a 5 to 6 foot black snake in the nest eating eggs. It took a bit of time and work but we(my husband and I) got the snake out of the nest and out of the shop, but it moved off before we could kill it.
The garden is doing good. The cucumbers are all over the place and I have already gotten 4 and there are going to be a ton more. My okra never did do anything so no okra this year. The green beans are doing well, just wish I had got some tee-pee pole put up for them but, they are using the okra lattice I did not have many of my peas come up but, I will get my very first taste of fresh peas this year with the few that did make it.
Now for my business, It is going very slow. I have not had any sales. I now have a coupon till the end of the month for 10% OFF MA products alone with $5 shipping and FREE shipping for orders over $99. The coupon code is 10OFFMA. You will have to sign up as a preferred customer to get the shipping cost and that is also FREE.
I also started to give my oldest dog that has arthritics  PetHealth™ OPC Formula with Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats and it has helped her so much. She is now able to move easier than before.I see her playing a bit more than she use to. She will get up in the morning and go out and when she comes back in she lets me know that I have to give her her meds(that is what we call it) by get really excited. sice it is a powder that you sprinkle over there food she has no trouble taking it and she loves it.
I have also gotten the Motives® Hydrating Lip Balm and love it. My lips feel so much softer and smoother now. I also do not have to put it on all the time like with other lip balms. I now take Isotonix Daily Essentials Packets everyday and I am starting to feel great again. My knees no longer hurt and I cam do stuff that I have not done in some time. If you have any questions about any of what I have talked about or just would like to know more please call me or get in touch through Facebook, google+ or email. You can even leave a comment her at the blog and I will get it.


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