Going fishing after ? years

Friday, May 2, 2014
Tomorrow my son and I are going to go fishing for the first time in over 10 years. We got just about everything you could need for fishing on a lake shore bank. Licence, poles, tackle, first aid kit, rags, cooler for the fish, yes you read right cooler for the fish. I use an old cooler that has a tape measure on top already, this way I can measure the fish when I have to, and then bring them home in the car afterwards. Where we live there is an non-native species of fish called a Snakehead that you are to kill and then report to  Fish and Game, and that is what we will do if we catch on, but we will just put in in the cooler till Fish and Game get there, for this fish can live out of water for several days. Mostly we are going to be fishing for catfish and brim(bluegill).
I am going to make some breakfast burritos, make two bottles of soda, take some chips and see it that is going to be enough, we are only going for like 3 hours, for we still have to get the shopping and the rest of the garden done. We will also take some coffee.
I remember going fishing with my dad and stopping at Jack in the Box for Breakfast Jacks and a drink. I did not get to fish with my boys to much while they were young like my dad did with me. No Jack in the Box in our part of the world, but I could make home made ones, just out of everything for them.


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