The garden is going

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
This last weekend my son and I worked on getting the garden going.
Okra  Beans Beans Beans squash TQ Cucumber Cucumber Cucumber Marigolds


Chili pepper
Broccoli Broccoli Broccoli

Okra  Lettuce  Lettuce  Lettuce radish spinach Spinach spinach Marigolds

This is the square foot part. we also have jalapenos in pots, the tomatoes and bells are going in pots too. The blanks will be more Radish over the next three weeks, unless I find something else to plant there. I think the lettuce and spinach are reversed. Not sure if  the  squash or chili peppers will come up but we are trying.  All the herbs will be in pots outside the front and side door close to the kitchen.  We should have most all of it done over the next few weeks. Have to buy more top soil and all that. I am going ot try and get some strawberries going too in a upside down thing for them.
Next year I hope to add another box to the garden area, for even more since you can never have enough of anything.

I lost a chicken the other day, but not sure form what. We still have enough for eggs so not a really big deal. It is all a part of the live cycle. 

Little by little we are getting what is needed for the homestead.


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