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Wednesday, March 5, 2014
I am now a business owner and as such I hope to be able to tell you about all the wonderful products that there is. I use what I sell and I love what I use. I have been able to use 4 of the Sanp products and love them. The dishwasher liquid does not suds up like a lot of them but then you do not need suds to clean your dishes. I did a greasy lid to a pot that had bacon grease on it and then washed some glass and metal and they are just as clean as if I did them with something else.
I have done two loads of laundry with the laundry detergent and the fabric soften that Snap has and it is not over powering like so many on the market. It has a very light scent that I can tolerate since so many of the scents out there through me into a asthma attack. To top it all off you use so little. I also used the all purpose cleaner to clean my kitchen and it has a very light berry scent that is great and not over powering for me to use. I clean stuff that I have not cleaned in so long that really needed it. Everything came very clean and the best thing is I get to use the all purpose cleaner on my pets if I need to, try that with the stuff you get in the store.
There are so many product out there that are not good for the environment and yet we still use them. I had to stop using so many of them since I found out I had asthma that I was down to clean with vinegar and baking soda just to not go into an asthma attack.
A friend of mine wrote on his blog about another product that I will be using very shortly  OPC-3.

I hope that every one will take the time to look at the website shop.com, and remember to put the email address naturallynaturals@outlook.com in the referred by box when you sign up. It is FREE and you can save money with cash back for stores that you shop at now. There is a small download called shop buddy that you can get and this will show you places that will save you money whey you are not at the shop.com website. Thank you everyone one that look at my blog for taking the time to look at shop.com and at my blog.


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