Grocery list and menu planning

Friday, March 21, 2014
We have to get back in to the planing of our two week of meals with what is on sale at the store that we shop at. I work hard to make sure that I have lots of canned tomato and other things stocked up in the pantry so that all we really have to buy is meat and anything that is on sale. Must gets for the two week period are lunch items for hubby He need lunch meat, cheese, bread, fruit and chips. I keep at least one extra bag of the chips on hand as well as lunch meat.
I have never been to good at the planing of meals so my son helps me a lot with that. We are going to have to do better than we did in the past. We try to make it a meat, starch and veggie for our evening meals but it is the breakfast and lunch for us that is the hard part.(us is my son and I) By the time I get up at about 8 and take my morning pill(no not that one) wait an hour and take my Isotonix Vitamins and all that is like 10 in the morning.This last week I have been sleeping in till any where from 9 to 10 in the morning so everything is even later. I guess I am going to have to start setting an alarm to get me up at 8 since the three dog alarm seems to have broke.
With spring now here I hope that I will be able to get my garden going soon. I still have to get the dirt for the garden box so that I can plant what it is I am going to plant. Not 100% sure of everything that is going to be going into the garden, but I would like to be getting a move on with it. I have three Jalapenos in my green house now and they are doing good. My bell peppers are not coming up at all, I thing the seeds I have are no good. It really is time for me to update all my seeds some of them are 5 or 6 years old. I still have a few week to get it all done.
As most business go, slow to start with. i am still at it everyday working on what I can to build my business. I listen to audios and watch videos to learn what I can. I have learned that my web site or web portal will grow and change with what you are looking at so if you are looking at a lot of the Motive cosmetics that is what it will show you when you log on to the site. I look at so much stuff I think it get confused at what I am looking for. Well it is time for me to get to work but taking my vitamins and then listen or watching something.


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