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Friday, February 7, 2014
Well it is time for me to do my two week shopping spree, only this time I have to do a 4 week since I did not get to go to the store last week. Depending what is on sale will decide what is going to be for all our meals for the next two week. At the end of the month I think my oldest son is going to be helping get a good stock up for the freezer and the cupboards. This should be my last month of buying any cleaning supplies from a store. Being that I am starting my business and going to be working  for a better life for my family I hope to start using the Snap products for Market America that are a Eco-friendly product. As most of you know I really hate to use any harsh chemicals that are toxic to my family and my animals. I have been using vinegar and baking soda, but am finding that is does not work as well as I had hoped. I need a bit more. The home made laundry soap that I have been making just is not good enough to get all the animal stains our with.  We have a very old cat that misses a lot so he find the cloths every time it seems.
Being that I am starting my own business I am having to do a few changes with the screen names that I use every where, this is the only place where I will keep the Ms. Mayham for Myers Mini Mayham is the name of my homestead/farm and I am the head of the Mayham so Ms Mayham it will be. I did come up with a name for my business and that is Naturally Naturals, for everything I will be dealing with is a natural based product. If you would like to follow my business I have a facebook page just for that. At the end o f the month I will be moving up in my business to the next level that I can.
My goal for my business is to have two preferred customer a month and at least one person each month sign up as a team member and have there own business. My personal goals at this time are to have my homestead going better and to live more natural. I would also like to get my house fixed up a bit and not have to worry about a room moving, the carpets being stained and have an ac that worked.
All I can do for now is work hard and do my best, for that is all anyone can do.


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