Incubator up and going and more

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
My old incubator decided that it just did not want to work any more. My younger son took a mini frig and turned it into a new incubator for me. So far the temp and humidity is doing good. It is still going to be a day or so before I put any eggs into it, he still has to put the Plexiglas on the door and cover the big hole that is in the back. I will post some pics in a few days when it is done.
My son and husband also fixed the outside of the chicken coop so that the two escape artist that I have could no longer get out and run all over the place. Yes I still let the chickens out to run and free range but I do not do it daily, it is very random that I let them out. I know there are a lot of smart critters out there and if you do anything the same they will know it.
I have started to get some of my plants started. I have jalapenos and bell peppers in the mini green house and put some peas out in one of the garden beds that are outside.Reminds me I have to go water them later. Over the next few week I hope to get he main box going, still have to fill it up with soil and all that. I have a large list of plants that I hope to get into the garden this year, just not sure if it is going to happen.
Well time to get to work.


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