Long two days

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Yesterday and today have been long and today is not even over yet. Yesterday we were running all over the place getting stuff done for my son and us. got the car taken car of so it can be driven, got my sons books for college, a printer for him and my work, we share. There was a lot that we did and to talk about all of it would take me two days to write I think. I am well on my way to getting my business going  with friends and family supporting me in do this. In the next day or so I should have the second part of my business taken care of and really be on my way to making some money in the next few years. This is not a get rich quick scam, to make money you do have to work for it, but you don't always have to work hard for it. I had to take a small break from writing this to do dinner and run my son to class and do a bit of shopping yet again. Dinner was Meatball sandwiches and scalloped potatoes.
Tomorrow I will be making me some business cards and getting the rest of my business up and running. As for to night it is about time to go to bed and try to get some rest, for two days of running is more than I have done is three weeks.

Cooking up a new dish

Sunday, February 23, 2014
It seem that my son and I are always coming up with something. Tonight we made a Chicken stroganoff  that is very good. what I did was put some bl/sl chicken breast in the Crockpot this morning and let them cook. Now that it is dinner time we added 3 chicken breast to two different pans, I have to make this two ways for my youngest can not eat mushrooms. We added 1 can  Cream of chicken soup to each, 1 pack cream cheese to each 1 can of much rooms to one and 1 cup milk to each. 1/2 to 1 teaspoon tarragon to taste.

Chicken Stroganoff
3 chicken breast or 2 can chicken breast
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 pack cream cheese
1 cup milk
1/2 to 1 teaspoon tarragon
1 can mushrooms(optional)
Cook chicken till done cut into bit size pieces. Add milk, soup and cream cheese mix till all blended add tarragon and simmer for about 10 minutes till heated server over noodles or rice.

Incubator is going

Friday, February 21, 2014
Well the incubator is going with 26 eggs in it. I will have to to take the eggs out for a bit while the guys put in the window but I know how to take care so that they will be ok. I have had to do it a few times when the electric has gone out. It is all about the timing of taking them out. I use a comforter folded up and place the egg in it when they are at the high end of the temp range with in my incubator.
This next week I will start my tomatoes that will go in the garden. I really hope that I can get the garden to a good harvest this year. Right now I am having to get all the soil for the garden and I will have to do that over several weeks, since I can not get it all at once with  how much it cost, but then again miracles really do happen in life.
I have added a contact gadget to my blog so that you may ask me any questions that you might have. I will do my best to answer any and all question as soon as I can, for I am getting my business started. If you would like to know more about my business please go to my new about page that I have started. If things got to plan all will be great in two years.

Incubator up and going and more

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
My old incubator decided that it just did not want to work any more. My younger son took a mini frig and turned it into a new incubator for me. So far the temp and humidity is doing good. It is still going to be a day or so before I put any eggs into it, he still has to put the Plexiglas on the door and cover the big hole that is in the back. I will post some pics in a few days when it is done.
My son and husband also fixed the outside of the chicken coop so that the two escape artist that I have could no longer get out and run all over the place. Yes I still let the chickens out to run and free range but I do not do it daily, it is very random that I let them out. I know there are a lot of smart critters out there and if you do anything the same they will know it.
I have started to get some of my plants started. I have jalapenos and bell peppers in the mini green house and put some peas out in one of the garden beds that are outside.Reminds me I have to go water them later. Over the next few week I hope to get he main box going, still have to fill it up with soil and all that. I have a large list of plants that I hope to get into the garden this year, just not sure if it is going to happen.
Well time to get to work.

Weekly shopping and more

Friday, February 7, 2014
Well it is time for me to do my two week shopping spree, only this time I have to do a 4 week since I did not get to go to the store last week. Depending what is on sale will decide what is going to be for all our meals for the next two week. At the end of the month I think my oldest son is going to be helping get a good stock up for the freezer and the cupboards. This should be my last month of buying any cleaning supplies from a store. Being that I am starting my business and going to be working  for a better life for my family I hope to start using the Snap products for Market America that are a Eco-friendly product. As most of you know I really hate to use any harsh chemicals that are toxic to my family and my animals. I have been using vinegar and baking soda, but am finding that is does not work as well as I had hoped. I need a bit more. The home made laundry soap that I have been making just is not good enough to get all the animal stains our with.  We have a very old cat that misses a lot so he find the cloths every time it seems.
Being that I am starting my own business I am having to do a few changes with the screen names that I use every where, this is the only place where I will keep the Ms. Mayham for Myers Mini Mayham is the name of my homestead/farm and I am the head of the Mayham so Ms Mayham it will be. I did come up with a name for my business and that is Naturally Naturals, for everything I will be dealing with is a natural based product. If you would like to follow my business I have a facebook page just for that. At the end o f the month I will be moving up in my business to the next level that I can.
My goal for my business is to have two preferred customer a month and at least one person each month sign up as a team member and have there own business. My personal goals at this time are to have my homestead going better and to live more natural. I would also like to get my house fixed up a bit and not have to worry about a room moving, the carpets being stained and have an ac that worked.
All I can do for now is work hard and do my best, for that is all anyone can do.

Well another snow storm hit us

Monday, February 3, 2014
Well yesterday another snow storm hit and we got about 4 inches. My husband had to let his work know that he could not get my car out, well they came and got him for work. Being that my husbands truck that has 4 wheel drive is in his shop with the transmission on the ground and the one from tire all taken apart, I don't think it is going to be moving for a bit, need to get some parts for it.

This chickens still do not know that it is winter and yesterday while it was snowing they gave me 11 eggs. I still do not know what to do with all the eggs that I get. I have been eating a lot of the them. Scrambles eggs with some cheese is really good to me right now.
Well my new business is a slow go, but I am still at it. To take a look at what I am doing please go to Market America shop.com sign up for an account and add naturallynaturals@outlook.com as the referral. Earn cash back just for shopping on line at Shop.com Over time you save money and make money too. Over the next year I plan to use as many of Market America products as I can. I will post reviews here and on shop.com.