well I told you I was starting a business...

Thursday, January 30, 2014
I started a new business that I control not controls me. I have been a stay at home person most of my live and really wanted to do more with my life and for my family. I had worked in many dead end jobs to help when I could. I meet two very great people that told me about Unfranchised business and after some time I decided to get my feet wet and start a business of my own. Being that I am still very new at my business I still have a lot to learn. If I do not have the answer I have a wonder team behind me to help with getting the answer. To take a look at what I am doing take a look at Market America shop.com sign up for an account and add naturallynaturals@outlook.com as the referral. Earn cash back just for shopping on line at Shop.com Over time you save money and make money too.

 On to the farm live. My son got about 10 cubic feet of fresh wood chips delivered to the house for free yesterday and we are using it to make the place look better. Well for now I have to get to work on all that is being started and is on going around here.

Time to get the garden going

Thursday, January 23, 2014
Well, it might be early but I am starting to get the garden in, well get the boxes ready. Over this past weekend we as in my husband, younger son and his wife all worked on getting the implement garden redone so that I could have a vegetable garden this year. There is still a lot to get done but the weather is not going to be good enough this next weekend to get out and do anything for the garden. The guys are going to have to find some wood so that we will stay warm this next week or so. Today as I write this it is only around 11 degrees outside. That is just way to cold to be out doing anything.
As I said my younger son and wife helped with the garden, for they are staying here for a bit. We have gotten a lot done since they move in for a time. I hope to get a lot more done before they move into town. It is going to be a time before they get to move into town.
I am working on a job and when I know more I will write about it. It is a stay at home job and I have some friends that are helping me out in getting started. I will post more later after I get started.
The chicken are doing good. I only have 13 hens and a rooster but they do not know it is winter for I get up to 13 eggs a day.