What to do

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
There really is not a lot to do since fall is here and the garden(what there was) is done. I have been working on getting stocked up for the winter but that is also a slow go. I don't feel like I am ready for the winter to get here. With my husbands jeep(truck) down we are unable to get any wood put up at this time. I have been stocking up on canned good and am starting to run out of room for then all. I am going to have to build more shelves someplace. I am trying hard not to use the extra room just in case we have to turn it into a bed room for my grand daughter.
The chickens are only laying about 2 eggs a day right now and that is going to be hard for us this winter if the pullets don't start to lay this year. I really hate having to get eggs form the store. I might be able to find someone close that sells them.
My car is in need of repairs too and that is not happen soon enough. The O2 censors have gone out and the spark plugs need to be changed. Till my husband fixes my car I drive as little as I can. I still have to take my son to school twice a week, but he has a friend that he stays with once a week so that I only have to once a week now. I still have doctor and vet trips to make. Seem that it all happen in the same week.
I have craft projects to keep me busy if I can ever get started on them. A friend want me to make some cloth diapers for her and I really have to get started on them or the baby is going to be to old for them.  Having a table that I could cut them out on would be nice since getting on the floor with all the cats and dogs is a pain. They all try to help me and they are no help that is for sure.
I guess I am just to big a gamer to get much of anything done these days.