Time for a life style change

Monday, September 2, 2013
I have been needing to lose some weight for sometime, but doing it is another thing. I don't like the word "diet" that is die with a T on the end, and they just don't work. We are going to do a life style change I really have to get my husband to lose some weight too. So what are we doing for a life style change, we are going to eat healthier. How you ask? If you look at what the Mayo clinic says and how to use the glycemic index you can do a lot and it really should not cost you anymore than you spend now(this is yet to be seen here at my house).
Here is what we are going to be doing. We will still get meat but it will be leaner cuts and less of meats.(example Bacon wrapped fillets are 6 ounces, if we buy three and cut them in half we get two meals of meat. the old way would be to buy 6 to get two meals). The money we are saving on the meat can go to fruit and vegetables that are healthier for you. As for breads(bread, tortilla, and buns) we will be getting whole grain or stoned ground. We cut out a lot of the sugars(for me this is a problem for I am addicted to sugar)
We will be eating 6 times a day and not just 3, again you ask me how we are going to do this. you get breakfast, lunch and dinner and you get three snacks. Doing this you never feel hungry and your blood sugar stay steady. Exercise is the next part, what exercise! we have to exercise, yes you have to exercise. Exercise can be doing 30 minutes of house work, working in the garden, tending the animals or if you really want to going to the gym, but why do that when you can do so much at home for FREE. I have started to walk a mile every night and with having to take my son to classes two days a week I walk all over town(its a small town)
When making your plate for a meal think of what a serving really is. Did you know that a serving of meat is 3 ozs or about the size of a deck of cards how about fats its measured in teaspoon or about the size of a standard 6 sided die(dices)My son is talking about the size of dice for he plays D & D and the dice are all different sizes. So to make a good healthy plate eat like this: a baseball of vegetables, Tennis ball of fruit, Hockey puck of carbohydrates(bread, potato pasta or rice) a deck of card of protein or dairy and dice for fats. Read labels and all that see what is a serving to start with. In the US we do not eat servings we eat what is in the package: a small bag of chips is like 4 servings not 1, a baked potato is like 2 servings not 1, that cut of meat is most like 2 or more servings. Did you know a 15 dollar a pound T-bone steak that is 12 ozs can feed three people. Even a candy bar is like 3 sevings not 1.
There is a great app for I-phone and droid called NOOM that can help you to work on a life style change and exercise more.It is a coach and so much more. I have been using it for about 4 days and I already feel better. I am not getting tired in the after noon, I am moving more and getting work done that need to get done. Being that it is still hot outside I don't get much done out there but soon it will start to cool off and I will get to work out there.
My son who does not have to lose any weight is even helping me and his step dad so that we can be healthier. Now a good support team.


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