summer winding down

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
My son is in college and I have to be in town two days a week to help save on gas. We have meet some very nice people and I am glad for that. We did not get out much at all. This gives us a reason to get out more and be social. I now really would like to be closer to town so that the drive was not so far. It takes about 30 minutes to get to town and that is just to long and to much gas. It is going to be a few more years before we will even be able to really think of moving closer to town, since we just bought this place last year. I do keep an eye on what is for sake closer to town so I have an idea of what there is.
We had one of our new friends over this last weekend with her three kids and it was great. The dogs were so good and so were the kids. We have pictures of the baby(2 months) with my Great Pyrenees, Penelope and they are so cute. Penelope was so good with the kids I could not believe it. She still thinks any thing smaller than her is a play toy.
We are working on getting the yard mowed down and that is proving to be a task and a half. either we run out of gas or something breaks every time we go at it.  last was the belt for the blades, but the must of shrunk some so we could do some this last weekend. Hubby keeps thinking that he has to get all the tall stuff first. I am trying to get him to get what we have done keeps up with, but that is almost a pointless task. Hopefully this weekend will be nice and we can get it all done so I can get started on where the garden is going to go. Have a lot of weeds to pull and boxes to make. I hope that I can get it all done before winter gets here so I am ready this next spring. I ma going to have to re-plan all the boxes so that I can get enough out of it to share with others.
The chickens are doing good, they have to stay locked up most of the time right now since I lost so many a time back. Thelma is doing good in her own coop in my garage. She was laying for about 3 weeks but has stopped again and is now molting. I figure that most all of them will this year so well not be getting a whole lot of eggs.
We are going to have to get the rabbits soon for meat is just getting to be to much these days. I just am not sure where to put them to keep the cool in the summer and safe all year long. Getting a few goats would be good too. Right now we have to get the yard cleaned up so that we can put them back there. Might have to put up a higher fence for Penelope can jump it with easy being that is it is only a 3 food fence.

All in all this is a great place just not the right place for what I want.


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