We made it through the week

Friday, August 23, 2013
This last week was a tough one for my son and I. He started class this week and it was a rough week to say the least. Monday I had to take him to his Photo class at 6 pm but hubby was later getting home with the car so we were a few minutes late. Hubby had to cook for himself that night. Tuesday we had to leave at 5:30 am to get hubby to work, then we went to the restaurant next to his work and had coffee for about 3 hours. When I got in the car I found that there was not enough gas or us to get home so we had to stay in town the whole day with nothing. Nothing being no food or money. I did have a bottle of water in the car. Well to say the least we did make it with a lot of walking around Walmart and other store that we could walk to from where the car was parked. One of the teachers were nice and gave us both a 4 pack of cheese crackers and I did have about $1.00 in the car so we were able to get some fruit gummies. All and all we made it that day. Wednesday we got to stay home and rest. We made some muffins to have Thursday since we more or less had to do the same think again. Tuesday night hubby siphoned some gas out of his truck that is broke down right now. Thursday was much better for us for we had some food and something to drink and the day went faster.

Next week is going to be even rougher since I have to take hubby to work Monday at 5:30, then take my son to the doctors up north at 10:30, then to the South to get a book for one of his classes, see family and take care of some stuff that way. Then back to my husbands work  take my son to photo class and home around 9:30.  Tuesday and Thursday we have to stay in town again, just to help save on gas.
Just think I am doing more in these two weeks than I have in the last two months.
The dog are not going to like this at all.
Since the next two week are going to be a bit rough we have two weeks of meals planned and are doing what we can over the weekend to stream line cooking times and that. I only have weekends Mondays(most of the time) Wednesday and Friday to do any real cooking. Money we have to cook early for class is at 6, Tuesday and Thursday we cook something kinda fast when we get home or I do it the day before. I can make some of what we eat the day before., We are going to have to have some freezer pleaser  that are fast and easy to throw in the microwave for these night before to long.
Just think Next semester might even be worse since I am thinking of going to classes too and at that time we are going to have to go to the main campus which is an hours drive times 2, not the one that is closes to us.
We can only wait and see what happens.


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