Rain and flooding

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Well it happen, the chickens coop is flooded, along with my husbands shop. We has up to 6 inches of rain last night and most of it was in a very short time frame. I poor chickens are going to have to deal with there coop till over the weekend. I hate to have to do that to them, but we are to have tons more rain over the next few days. I will wait till my husband is home to help make it a bit water tight. There was no way we were not going to be water in there it went right under the roll up doors. The water even got into my garage where I have Thelma and the 5 little ones. I am not sure how much more rain is going to fall but the ground around here just can not hold anymore.
In ways this is a good thing but then again it is a bad thing too. We really needed the rain just not this much all at once. Don't get me wrong I love the house but having a hill behind it is a pain with this much rain. No water came into the house for the house is up off the ground enough so that will not happen, but he garages and that are a different story.
We still have not got the grass all mowed for it keeps raining over the weekends. Now what we did get done that one weekend is up to about as tall as the rest. Seen when it comes to getting outside stuff done we can not win for losing. I still have to get the garden boxes ready for next year but at this time can not get to the area where I would like to put them, the grass. We maybe some day.


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