The Master List and shopping

Monday, July 8, 2013
I have been working on making a master shopping list and master list of items to keep on hand. Being that I cook most everything form scratch there are a lot of items to keep on hand. I found out over the last week I had some spices in my spice rack that where from 06, well they went in the trash. Going to have to find a replacement for Cream of Tartar, just don't use it enough to keep it on hand. My master shopping list can be found here. This list is also the list I use to keep the pantry stocked.
This is how I plan my shopping trip every two weeks.My son and I look at the ads for the three stores that we will shop at,  they come out on Wednesday. One of them is on the way home for my husband so he just stops and gets the items on sale there one night if there is anything there that we use. Being that we are not in a major city all we have are mom and pop type stores for the most part. I do not shop at Walmart. They do not save you move with there ad comp if you have to drive farther to get to them. The three big ones that we go to are Harps(this is on the way home for hubby), Harter House( best meat we have found in the are besides growing your own) and Country Mart( just close by). Once about every 6 months or so we will try and make the 1 hour trip to Aldi's to do a major can stock up. We do not use any canned vegetables at all, they are to mushy to us. Most of the canned goods we use are tomato, beans and soups. I take up to three days going over the ads and making my list. I then make a menu of what to make for the two weeks with what is on sale. MY son helps with this for he cooks too. He found this site this last week. I might start to use it a bit. being that summer is here we might try to use the slow cooker more.I am going t hve to get more of them for one might not be enough. Everything that I use can be found here. It does take me the three days to get this all done for I have a lot to look at. I use all the ads on line at the store websites. I do not work on it all the time but off and on for the three days. If I worked on it all at one time I would not see everything in the ads.
I am going to see if I can get my menus over here to the blog but it may take me a few weeks to learn how to do this, for I am still learning how to use Ziplist. I hope that someone out there might find this helpful. I would love to here form you if you have any think that might help me with my plans.


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