computer down, well somwhat

Saturday, July 13, 2013
Yesterday I have to format my computer and redo a bunch on it. Something had gotten on to it and we just had to get it fixed, plus I really mucked up all my music folders so we could no longer play the music through my sons Play station. Well I am about 1/4 of the way back to having everything back on the computer. It seem that my husband likes to download stuff that we really don't need for places that I would never think of going to. We all know men will be men. So now I am looking  on how to block all the downloads so that they will only be able to be done by me or my son.
You see my son is the one that has keep my computers going over the last 15 years. He learned most of what he knows about computer by just doing it. I really have to say if it was not for him and his way with computer I most likely would not have a computer running all the time. Most of the work he did way back when was on a computer back 15 or so years ago that spent more time in the shop under the warranty than at home. Well to say the least after the warranty was up it crashed again and low and behold my son fixed the way it should have been fixed a 1 1/2 before. Never had any trouble after that, beside the computer being a bit bisexual. Yes you read that right. One day she would work for me the next the boys but not to often for both in the same day. If not for my son Frankensteining  my computer I would not be able to play some of the game I do. had to get a new video card my power supply would not support.(The video card was on sale). My son bought a new power supply for my computer and had to put it on the outside for it did not fit either(darn mini towers) So needless to say my son is great with computer.
The chickens are doing good having to be locked up all the time. I only have 10 in there with mom and 5 babies over night. I am working on getting the babies to stay in the coop\run but they still keep getting out. I have a crate that I put in the shop for them to all go in at night and I then put it in the coop, next morning I let mamma out to be with the babies and do it all again. One morning they will no longer be able to get out and the madness will stop.
The deer got to one of the jalapeno plants and eat most all of it, The tomato plant is getting hit with horn worms and the grass is still getting taller than me. The mower is on the way to being fixed, and the rest I am about to give up on. Things never go according to plan, we all know this.


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