not much happen

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
There really is not a lot going on right now. We are kinda in a holding pattern right now with everything.
Honey is in the other room sitting on 14 eggs that I can't remember when they are due. The puppy is doing good and is learning to ask to go out more each day. Had a bad day or two after our trip out of town for 4 days. All the dog were at the vets all that time in boarding.
We are really in need of a lawn mower or a few goats that will eat the grass that is getting way to high. The chicken think they are going hungry being that I am not feeding them as much being that they get to free range all day. I think we are going to have to get a bug zapper to help with bugs at night.
I am working on an afghan that is using up a lot of the scrap yarn that I have around.

Like I said not a lot going on.


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