New house chicken

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Well once again we have a chicken in the house. Thelma is now in the house for good. She is one of the very first hens (Louise the other) I ever had and the only one of the two to survive the resent animal attack that we had. After she found her way back home I put her in a cage for a bit to recoup for she did have some injuries. Two days ago I put her back in the main coop and thought all was well till this morning when I  when to add some water and found her on her back doing the turtle. I turned her over and the other hen started to bully her. I removed her brought her to my son in his bed while I got her cage and set it up for her. I have no idea how old she really is I have had her for 3 years and she has not laid in some time. she has had heat stroke both summers that I have had her and I think the heat is not helping this year. With all that this girl has been through it is time she stays in the house. I don't like keeping her in a cage but that is about all I can do with all the cats and dogs in the house.
Penelope still has not learn about what is ok and not with the chickens and now that the chickens are going to be staying in the coop she will not. I never had her attack but she did like to try and play being that she is just a puppy.

Bob has made a full recovery and is doing great. He is trying to really get outside and we are not letting him till he has his tick meds put on him. I am not sure what he had but he was sick for three days and  to keep him form getting to dehydrated I used a straw to put water down his mouth. Monday morning I drove my husband to work so I could have the car for the day and when I got home he was doing much better drink his water and trying to eat too. even used the litter box which he had not for three days.

Seems like we always have an animal down or sick.


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