I think Bobo is out of the woods

Monday, June 24, 2013
Well, after three days of forcing water down him with a straw, he drank some liver water this morning on his own. He also used the litter box, which he has not used in three days. I have been washing two blankets a day for him to have to lay on. Right how i am cooking him some liver to eat ans see if he will. I guess if you really love your animals the way we do anything is possible. My vet told me they have had three cases of the Bob cat fever so far this year and none of them made it. I did not take Bobo to the vet, all I did was force water into his mouth with a straw and gave in the juice of chicken liver. Believe it or not we got the chicken liver just for him. I can tell he is doing better he is in his favorite place to sleep, on the top of the cat tree.

I am making some fly traps using the chicken liver and a 2 or 3 liter soda bottle. Here is how:
1. Take the soda bottle and cut the top 1/3 off just after it starts to go straight.
2. invert the top of the bottle and incert in the bottle, sucure if needed, at this point you can add a hanger to hang up. This will sucure it.
3. fill bottle with about 1 or 2 inches of water and add a chicken liver or two. after a day outside it will stink to high heaven and the flies will love it.

I have to make about three more of them. The flies are so bad this year it is not funny.


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