New house chicken

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Well once again we have a chicken in the house. Thelma is now in the house for good. She is one of the very first hens (Louise the other) I ever had and the only one of the two to survive the resent animal attack that we had. After she found her way back home I put her in a cage for a bit to recoup for she did have some injuries. Two days ago I put her back in the main coop and thought all was well till this morning when I  when to add some water and found her on her back doing the turtle. I turned her over and the other hen started to bully her. I removed her brought her to my son in his bed while I got her cage and set it up for her. I have no idea how old she really is I have had her for 3 years and she has not laid in some time. she has had heat stroke both summers that I have had her and I think the heat is not helping this year. With all that this girl has been through it is time she stays in the house. I don't like keeping her in a cage but that is about all I can do with all the cats and dogs in the house.
Penelope still has not learn about what is ok and not with the chickens and now that the chickens are going to be staying in the coop she will not. I never had her attack but she did like to try and play being that she is just a puppy.

Bob has made a full recovery and is doing great. He is trying to really get outside and we are not letting him till he has his tick meds put on him. I am not sure what he had but he was sick for three days and  to keep him form getting to dehydrated I used a straw to put water down his mouth. Monday morning I drove my husband to work so I could have the car for the day and when I got home he was doing much better drink his water and trying to eat too. even used the litter box which he had not for three days.

Seems like we always have an animal down or sick.

I think Bobo is out of the woods

Monday, June 24, 2013
Well, after three days of forcing water down him with a straw, he drank some liver water this morning on his own. He also used the litter box, which he has not used in three days. I have been washing two blankets a day for him to have to lay on. Right how i am cooking him some liver to eat ans see if he will. I guess if you really love your animals the way we do anything is possible. My vet told me they have had three cases of the Bob cat fever so far this year and none of them made it. I did not take Bobo to the vet, all I did was force water into his mouth with a straw and gave in the juice of chicken liver. Believe it or not we got the chicken liver just for him. I can tell he is doing better he is in his favorite place to sleep, on the top of the cat tree.

I am making some fly traps using the chicken liver and a 2 or 3 liter soda bottle. Here is how:
1. Take the soda bottle and cut the top 1/3 off just after it starts to go straight.
2. invert the top of the bottle and incert in the bottle, sucure if needed, at this point you can add a hanger to hang up. This will sucure it.
3. fill bottle with about 1 or 2 inches of water and add a chicken liver or two. after a day outside it will stink to high heaven and the flies will love it.

I have to make about three more of them. The flies are so bad this year it is not funny.

Looks like it is going to be one of them years

Friday, June 21, 2013
Well I lost 1/2 my chicken to god only know what and now it looks like we are going to be losing Bobo my husband cat to ticks. I am not 100% sure that this is what he has but all the signs are there that he has Bob cat fever that is the tick illness that cats get. I have lost a cat to it before so I know the signs. There really no treatment for it that works. All we really can do is just wait for the time to come for it cost to much to have him put down and all that. We already have a 400 dollar bill with the vet as it is. Over the summer we could even lose more.
The bugs this year a bad everywhere and not having the money to get a mower and all the stuff to help with the problem is not good. We are down to one working car\truck so hubby is using it to get to work so I can not go look for a job to help. Finding a job on like is not going ot work for they all what DSL and we don't have it and can not get it where we are.

It has been a bad day

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
I was up most of the night with a sick puppy so get any sleep was a impossible. Being that I was sleep deprived I let the chicken out this morning not realizing that something was wrong. Well wrong was an understatement.  I have lost 11 chickens that I know of, there  might be some that will still come back, as there have been two or three that have made it back so far of the ones that I can not find. I am not sure what got them but of the ones that I have found dead the head and neck are gone and some of the innards. I did have a fax after one yesterday and we save the chicken there but as to what did this I am not sure. I have only one of the very first two still alive at this time.

New website to Love

Saturday, June 15, 2013
I have been looking for a good app or website to help me do my shopping and meal planning for some time and I finally found one that does both, helps with meal planning and does shopping list. It works on the computer and has an app that syncs with it I have been working with in most of last night and this morning and I think this is the one. Oh you want the name, well here it is ZipList. I have been able to add my own recipes that I have in my head, add recipes from sites that I use and much more. I can add things that are on sale to the shopping list on the computer and when I go shopping it is on my phone in the app ready for me to do the shopping.
I have a lot of recipes that are in my head that I use and this gives a place to put them and share with others. It has 100,000 recipes for all over the web that you can add to your cookbook to add to a meal planner, and make the shopping list for you to look over and add only what you are going to have to buy that week, or in my case every two weeks.
There are a lot of items I really try to keep stocked up on. I will make a list and add it here at a later date since I am going to have to have a master list at some point of what I keep in the pantry. I really don't use a lot of pre made mixed and box goods most of what is in my pantry is canned goods and spices.

This week I got a challenge that I am going at head first. I am having to make a menu  for two weeks with just the meat I have on hand. What I have is this:
2 packs of pork steaks - 4 each could make up to 4 meals if done right
1 pack brats - 5 that is just what we need in our family for 1 meal
1 pack Italian sausage link - 5 in the pack, can be taken out if the casing for sauce
1 pack cube steak - enough for one meal
1 pack hot dogs - use for a lunch for me and my son
1 pack chicken tender - enough for a meal and lunch for two
1 round steak - one me here, it is not to big
2 3 lb packs of hamburger - at least 6 meals if I use 1 lb each but lost likely 4 meals
some hamburger patties I think enough for 2 meals

So far I have about 8 dishes add to my planner and I am still working on it. right now I only have the main dish for sides are potatoes or rice and a veggie of some kind. There are some of  my meals that are a all in one meal. Over the next few days I will be adding recipes and doing so much that I will not miss WoW at all.

baby chick that I really don't need

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Well the baby chicks are here, the ones that Honey has been incubating for me. Most of the eggs were Green ones so far all put the pee wee eggs have hatched. The pee wee eggs were the first ones laid from one of my pullets, so she might not have been breed yet.

not much happen

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
There really is not a lot going on right now. We are kinda in a holding pattern right now with everything.
Honey is in the other room sitting on 14 eggs that I can't remember when they are due. The puppy is doing good and is learning to ask to go out more each day. Had a bad day or two after our trip out of town for 4 days. All the dog were at the vets all that time in boarding.
We are really in need of a lawn mower or a few goats that will eat the grass that is getting way to high. The chicken think they are going hungry being that I am not feeding them as much being that they get to free range all day. I think we are going to have to get a bug zapper to help with bugs at night.
I am working on an afghan that is using up a lot of the scrap yarn that I have around.

Like I said not a lot going on.