What is up with Mother Nature

Friday, May 3, 2013
This is May and we have ICE on the ground, the heater is on full blast and two days ago the A/C was going full blast. What is next Snow in July? Penelope I think is loving the colder weather for she done seem to be getting as hot and is playing a lot more. I on the other had don't like it when it is 90 one day 40 the next and 35 now. I am looking at the radar and it is showing rain, snow and a mix of the both in our area. This is to happen off and on most of the week. This just is not right for this time of year. The flowers are suppose to be blooming the garden is suppose to be in and what do we get freezing cold weather that would like most of the plants that I would have in my garden. Seem it is a night for a stew or soup. might be time for a fire today.


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