Tuesday again

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Well it is Tuesday and Wow is down for their weekly maintenance, that sucks.The last guild I was in was going downhill and I did not want to go with it. Several of us form there got together and did what we had to, One of the other had a guild already.I am now the owner of The Temple of Light and the Co GM or The Immortal Gaurdians( Yes we know it is spelt wrong, had to for the game). I work on two websites for both of the guilds and have a been working very hard to get everything ready for our 10 man raid team that my so in the leader of.
My husband and son are out of town for two days to take care of some stuff for my son in OK, so what to do, besides go crazy with wow being down for now. Penelope is a mud magnet after it rains. The back yard is full next to the shop and she thinks she has to play in it all the time. The chickens are doing great, they are not getting as much store bought food now so that they will work on getting the bugs in the yard. I am starting to let the littles out. Going to be moving them over here in the new few weeks.


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