Looking Back

Saturday, May 25, 2013
This morning I was looking back and thinking of how far we(my husband and I) have come. When we got together we could hardly afford anything. We were lucky to have a place to live, food and a car. Mind you we did not go without these things just quality was not to great. Now here we are 12 years later and we have a very nice house on 7.63 acres, most of that is wooded and full of rocks so doing much is not going to happen. I have a 2005 Madza MPV mini van and he has a 1965 Jeep Gladiator pick truck that run great and gets him to work and back all the time. We are able to get meat at a meat market and not just eating chicken legs and thighs and very low grades of beef and pork. We get more fresh veggies and fruit. We have internet, but then I think we always have. Having cable or Dish or even Direct TV is something that we have gone with out for may years at times. I am able to stay at home and play World of Warcraft most of the time. Mind you that we had two growing boys living with us back then too. Now I have one of my sons living with us and soon we hope to have his three kids.
I am able to start a homestead yet it is a slow go. I would like to be able to get my rabbits soon but looks like it is going to be awhile. As for the garden well that is going to have to wait till next year since we still have to get a place ready for it. With the lawn mower breaking this last year we are going to have to get a new one. I keep telling my hubby to just get a good old push one that my son and I would have to push in the yard for really there is not that much to mow. Really we could do it in a day if we both worked at it and just think we would be getting off our butts and moving around for the doctor said we need to. most of the stuff that I would like to do can wait, my grand kids have to come first.
Some of the stuff that I would like to get are a dehydrator and a foodsaver so that I can save what I grow in the garden. I would like to have a lot of food put up to have for later. The only bad thing is the dehydrator that I would like to have is like 200 to 300 dollars.The foodsaver I would like is the one made for hunters.

To think of how far we have come and yet how far we still have to go, makes me worry that we just might not make it.


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