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Friday, May 31, 2013
Being that we live so far out I am always looking for ways to be ready for anything, you know the saying "prepare for the worst, hope for the best" well that is what I try to do. With all the weather that is going on right now we could be in the line of one of the many tornado's that are happen right now. Really you never now when one is going to hit. We have had some that were not all that far off. I don't have a storm shelter and I really would like to have one. The best that I can do is go into the middle bathroom and hope everyone can get into it. I don't like not have a storm shelter but then not many house out this way have them, or basement. If I move again, and it is looking good later down the road it will have to have a storm shelter or basement.
As for food I do my best to have a good back up for times when we lose electric. I really need to start buy freeze-dried meats and stuff like that that I can use all the time. There is a site that I have found that will help me with my way of prepping. I like the idea of drying and saving space. I don't have a lot of room to store food so dehydrating it is a better idea for me. I just have to get a dehydrator to get started.
If I had my way I would find a piece of property and move to it with nothing much, just to save money This is not going to happen for my husband has to have to much. I might too but we can always learn to do without.
I guess you would call me a prepper but then most any one that live in out in the country has to be when you are 30+ minutes away for a store. I guess in time I will get there. just need time to get what I need.


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