30 Chickens still to many, and more

Monday, May 13, 2013
As much as I love to have lots of chickens 30 is still more than I need for only 3 of us that are eating eggs. I know that if and when my grand-kids get here I am going to need all the eggs to help feed them. I am only getting around 6 to 8 eggs a day but with not having any place to sell them I have them taking up room in my frig that I could be using for fruit and veggies that are also better for us than all the eggs. Being that my son and I have to really watch our cholesterol for the kids.
We are not going to be getting the garden in like we wanted to this year just to much is going on with court for the kids, my husband have a new company taking over the trucking part of his job and needing to really find a job for my son. A lot is changing with all that is going on. 
The puppy is growing fast and has learned how to let us know she has to go out. We had to learn what her sign was and it is wandering around looking for a place to go, so we catch her and take her out, so far so good. She loves to play with Sheba and they can really get on my nerves when they go at it for Sheba loves to be vocal and she is very loud.
My son and I are going to really have some work to do with cooking and all that with the fact that my husband will now be only getting paid every two weeks. When you have been doing everything week to week and then have to go to bi-weekly it can really suck. Lunch seems to be a hard one for us since it is just the two of us. I have to find some veggie dishes for us so we can still have the meat at dinner time since my hubby is not going to go along with us having to watch our cholesterol. His is great and really low. I am working on some new dishes for my son and I to have for lunch like Black Bean Lasagna. We have tried Connie's Zucchini "Crab" Cakes and they are not to bad, they don't taste like "crab" but then they are low in cholesterol for us. If we use just egg whites then they are free of cholesterol and that is better. We are going to keep looking for veggie recipes to have for lunch. If any one had a veggie recipe that they would like to share please send a link in the comments, would like to try any that we feel that we can eat. There are just some thinks out there that we just can not stand. .


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