Ideas that I have been thinking of

Friday, May 31, 2013
Being that we live so far out I am always looking for ways to be ready for anything, you know the saying "prepare for the worst, hope for the best" well that is what I try to do. With all the weather that is going on right now we could be in the line of one of the many tornado's that are happen right now. Really you never now when one is going to hit. We have had some that were not all that far off. I don't have a storm shelter and I really would like to have one. The best that I can do is go into the middle bathroom and hope everyone can get into it. I don't like not have a storm shelter but then not many house out this way have them, or basement. If I move again, and it is looking good later down the road it will have to have a storm shelter or basement.
As for food I do my best to have a good back up for times when we lose electric. I really need to start buy freeze-dried meats and stuff like that that I can use all the time. There is a site that I have found that will help me with my way of prepping. I like the idea of drying and saving space. I don't have a lot of room to store food so dehydrating it is a better idea for me. I just have to get a dehydrator to get started.
If I had my way I would find a piece of property and move to it with nothing much, just to save money This is not going to happen for my husband has to have to much. I might too but we can always learn to do without.
I guess you would call me a prepper but then most any one that live in out in the country has to be when you are 30+ minutes away for a store. I guess in time I will get there. just need time to get what I need.

Looking Back

Saturday, May 25, 2013
This morning I was looking back and thinking of how far we(my husband and I) have come. When we got together we could hardly afford anything. We were lucky to have a place to live, food and a car. Mind you we did not go without these things just quality was not to great. Now here we are 12 years later and we have a very nice house on 7.63 acres, most of that is wooded and full of rocks so doing much is not going to happen. I have a 2005 Madza MPV mini van and he has a 1965 Jeep Gladiator pick truck that run great and gets him to work and back all the time. We are able to get meat at a meat market and not just eating chicken legs and thighs and very low grades of beef and pork. We get more fresh veggies and fruit. We have internet, but then I think we always have. Having cable or Dish or even Direct TV is something that we have gone with out for may years at times. I am able to stay at home and play World of Warcraft most of the time. Mind you that we had two growing boys living with us back then too. Now I have one of my sons living with us and soon we hope to have his three kids.
I am able to start a homestead yet it is a slow go. I would like to be able to get my rabbits soon but looks like it is going to be awhile. As for the garden well that is going to have to wait till next year since we still have to get a place ready for it. With the lawn mower breaking this last year we are going to have to get a new one. I keep telling my hubby to just get a good old push one that my son and I would have to push in the yard for really there is not that much to mow. Really we could do it in a day if we both worked at it and just think we would be getting off our butts and moving around for the doctor said we need to. most of the stuff that I would like to do can wait, my grand kids have to come first.
Some of the stuff that I would like to get are a dehydrator and a foodsaver so that I can save what I grow in the garden. I would like to have a lot of food put up to have for later. The only bad thing is the dehydrator that I would like to have is like 200 to 300 dollars.The foodsaver I would like is the one made for hunters.

To think of how far we have come and yet how far we still have to go, makes me worry that we just might not make it.

30 Chickens still to many, and more

Monday, May 13, 2013
As much as I love to have lots of chickens 30 is still more than I need for only 3 of us that are eating eggs. I know that if and when my grand-kids get here I am going to need all the eggs to help feed them. I am only getting around 6 to 8 eggs a day but with not having any place to sell them I have them taking up room in my frig that I could be using for fruit and veggies that are also better for us than all the eggs. Being that my son and I have to really watch our cholesterol for the kids.
We are not going to be getting the garden in like we wanted to this year just to much is going on with court for the kids, my husband have a new company taking over the trucking part of his job and needing to really find a job for my son. A lot is changing with all that is going on. 
The puppy is growing fast and has learned how to let us know she has to go out. We had to learn what her sign was and it is wandering around looking for a place to go, so we catch her and take her out, so far so good. She loves to play with Sheba and they can really get on my nerves when they go at it for Sheba loves to be vocal and she is very loud.
My son and I are going to really have some work to do with cooking and all that with the fact that my husband will now be only getting paid every two weeks. When you have been doing everything week to week and then have to go to bi-weekly it can really suck. Lunch seems to be a hard one for us since it is just the two of us. I have to find some veggie dishes for us so we can still have the meat at dinner time since my hubby is not going to go along with us having to watch our cholesterol. His is great and really low. I am working on some new dishes for my son and I to have for lunch like Black Bean Lasagna. We have tried Connie's Zucchini "Crab" Cakes and they are not to bad, they don't taste like "crab" but then they are low in cholesterol for us. If we use just egg whites then they are free of cholesterol and that is better. We are going to keep looking for veggie recipes to have for lunch. If any one had a veggie recipe that they would like to share please send a link in the comments, would like to try any that we feel that we can eat. There are just some thinks out there that we just can not stand. .

Tuesday again

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Well it is Tuesday and Wow is down for their weekly maintenance, that sucks.The last guild I was in was going downhill and I did not want to go with it. Several of us form there got together and did what we had to, One of the other had a guild already.I am now the owner of The Temple of Light and the Co GM or The Immortal Gaurdians( Yes we know it is spelt wrong, had to for the game). I work on two websites for both of the guilds and have a been working very hard to get everything ready for our 10 man raid team that my so in the leader of.
My husband and son are out of town for two days to take care of some stuff for my son in OK, so what to do, besides go crazy with wow being down for now. Penelope is a mud magnet after it rains. The back yard is full next to the shop and she thinks she has to play in it all the time. The chickens are doing great, they are not getting as much store bought food now so that they will work on getting the bugs in the yard. I am starting to let the littles out. Going to be moving them over here in the new few weeks.

What is up with Mother Nature

Friday, May 3, 2013
This is May and we have ICE on the ground, the heater is on full blast and two days ago the A/C was going full blast. What is next Snow in July? Penelope I think is loving the colder weather for she done seem to be getting as hot and is playing a lot more. I on the other had don't like it when it is 90 one day 40 the next and 35 now. I am looking at the radar and it is showing rain, snow and a mix of the both in our area. This is to happen off and on most of the week. This just is not right for this time of year. The flowers are suppose to be blooming the garden is suppose to be in and what do we get freezing cold weather that would like most of the plants that I would have in my garden. Seem it is a night for a stew or soup. might be time for a fire today.