New Puppy

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Yes we got a new puppy and she is a Great Pyrenees. She is 11 weeks old and a hand full.
11 weeks old in front of wood stove
I think by the time she is full grown she is going to take up all the tiles. We got her last Sunday. She was breed to be a sheepdog but the owner did not think she was going to make the great to be a sheepdog, I think he was very right since she is so good with us. In one week she has learned her name, Penelope. Learned how to walk on a leash and to stay around in the area she is to stay in without being on the leash. She does like to try and chew on everything but we have gotten her lots of toy and are getting more all the time. So far we have only had a roll of paper towel get chewed up. She also knows that she can be in the bed when only one person is in it and that at night she has to sleep in her bed on the floor. We are still working on the potty training but for the most part is going good.

She plays with the cats, well the cats that will play with her. Sadie still is a bit of a grump about her being here but Sheba and her play outside in the back yard. She what to smell the chickens and does not try to chase them at all. She is very laid back and mello.


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