my life has gone to the dogs

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Penelope is starting to fit right in to the family. She has learned that we have a backyard that she can go out and play in. We don't have to use the leash to take her at all. Now on the other hand Sheba my 4 yr old pom mix has to have the leash for she like to run into the wood to see what she can chase. She has also learned to get on the couch and into my chair. Now if we could just get her to learn to tell us when she has to go out. So now first thing in the morning I have to take the two of them to the yard to play and do their business. I am not really happy about them going out and get all muddy like they have been doing over the last three days. They then come in have their breakfast and play like there is no tomorrow. Sheba is very vocal about playing and it can get loud. It really sucks that they play during raid time.
As most of you should know by now I am a hard core World of Warcraft player, We are talking up to 18 hours a day. I do a lot outside of the game to help the guilds that I am a part of. I have decided to get a small guild going again. We(my son and I) are taking it very slow at getting it up and going with all the behind the scenes stuff that we are doing. If any one that reads this plays World of Warcraft I can be found on Blackhand in the guild Temple of Light, this is the guild we are getting started. I still do a lot with the guild I have been a part of for the last year. Well I have a lot to get done while the game is down for the day. Yes today is game repair day so it is down till around 1 pm or so. This is the day I do the housework, my blog and updates to the websites I work on. so I am off to it after I get soem coffee.


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