my life has gone to the dogs

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Penelope is starting to fit right in to the family. She has learned that we have a backyard that she can go out and play in. We don't have to use the leash to take her at all. Now on the other hand Sheba my 4 yr old pom mix has to have the leash for she like to run into the wood to see what she can chase. She has also learned to get on the couch and into my chair. Now if we could just get her to learn to tell us when she has to go out. So now first thing in the morning I have to take the two of them to the yard to play and do their business. I am not really happy about them going out and get all muddy like they have been doing over the last three days. They then come in have their breakfast and play like there is no tomorrow. Sheba is very vocal about playing and it can get loud. It really sucks that they play during raid time.
As most of you should know by now I am a hard core World of Warcraft player, We are talking up to 18 hours a day. I do a lot outside of the game to help the guilds that I am a part of. I have decided to get a small guild going again. We(my son and I) are taking it very slow at getting it up and going with all the behind the scenes stuff that we are doing. If any one that reads this plays World of Warcraft I can be found on Blackhand in the guild Temple of Light, this is the guild we are getting started. I still do a lot with the guild I have been a part of for the last year. Well I have a lot to get done while the game is down for the day. Yes today is game repair day so it is down till around 1 pm or so. This is the day I do the housework, my blog and updates to the websites I work on. so I am off to it after I get soem coffee.

Cooking something New and more

Sunday, April 21, 2013
My son and I look at the sale ad for the store that we shop at every week and work on making dishes for the week off of what is on sale. This last week they had Zatarian Jambalaya rice on sale for $.99 a box. Most of the time I do not get boxed rice but this was just one of those time we did. My son told me how he had added smoked sausage to make a good jambalaya and so that is what we did. I also had to add shrimp to make it right for me. We used 2 boxes of rice at $.99 each, a smoked sausage at around $2.89 and a bag of shrimp for $3.99. This made enough for dinner and for a lunch today. We also had fried okra. I am not big on the frozen okra so I really hope that I am able to get some okra in to the garden this year.
As of yet we have not been able to get any thing in the containers that we are going to use for the garden area. Every weekend that we think we are going to get out and get something done, something goes wrong. Most of the time we try not to do a lot on Sunday for my husband has been working 6 days a week and that is a good thing most of the time. I hope that today we can get some of  the containers planted. I would like to get my peas in, they are going into a old washing machine tub that was here when we move here. I have my tomato that is growing in the large pot that I started last Nov. My peppers that I started did not make it but I will try again next year. I will just get plants that are started later in the week or maybe today since I have to go get more pad for the puppy.
The puppy is doing so good at potty training being that we have only had her for 2 weeks. She is going out most of the time but we still have accidents. She uses the potty pads most of the time or at least makes it to the bathroom floor. Being that we are going to replace the carpet in the family/computer room at some point since that is the main room that all the accidents happen with most all the animals. My sons cat decided that was the room that he was going to take over when my son left for a one month vacation, now it is a mess so to speak.
Well next month will be 1 full year that we have lived in our new house and we still have not done anything to decorate or make it more our own. I really would like to remove all the carpet in all the rooms but the bedrooms. Till we have the money to do so we are just going to have the light colored carpet that is so dirty no amount of cleaning is going to help. I do have the carpet clear but it takes so much time to clean and then to dry it is a pain with the 6 cats and 3 dogs, not to mention all the mud that comes in when it rains.

New Puppy

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Yes we got a new puppy and she is a Great Pyrenees. She is 11 weeks old and a hand full.
11 weeks old in front of wood stove
I think by the time she is full grown she is going to take up all the tiles. We got her last Sunday. She was breed to be a sheepdog but the owner did not think she was going to make the great to be a sheepdog, I think he was very right since she is so good with us. In one week she has learned her name, Penelope. Learned how to walk on a leash and to stay around in the area she is to stay in without being on the leash. She does like to try and chew on everything but we have gotten her lots of toy and are getting more all the time. So far we have only had a roll of paper towel get chewed up. She also knows that she can be in the bed when only one person is in it and that at night she has to sleep in her bed on the floor. We are still working on the potty training but for the most part is going good.

She plays with the cats, well the cats that will play with her. Sadie still is a bit of a grump about her being here but Sheba and her play outside in the back yard. She what to smell the chickens and does not try to chase them at all. She is very laid back and mello.