something new

Friday, March 29, 2013
We have been working on trying new recipes. Today we make a pizza dough that was in the recipe book that came with my Kitchen Aid mixer and it was one of the best that I have tried. We uses it to make calzones with what we had on hand. We are going to make a pizza soon so that we can see how that will be.

The chickens are moved to there new home, well the ones that were hatched in Nov. are. I left the roosters in the grew out pen for we don't need any more rooster at all. I am going to have to get rid of some of the hen as it is. I don't need the amount of eggs that I getting. I am not able to sell them at this time. It costing me a lot in feed so I just have to start selling them or put them in the freezer.

I am going to have to start working on my crafts more so that I can keep myself busy and get off the game a bit. I have been playing WoW way to much and that is not good. Here soon it will be time to get the garden in. I am going to be put what we can where we can for we are not going to be able to get the garden beds all done this year. There are a lot of places around here that I can plant what we are going to be planting. A lot of the plant that we are going to be planting we can put in containers for this year.


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