Yet another addition to the family

Sunday, February 10, 2013
Okay we really did not want any more house animals but this one just let itself in and made his self at home.
I have never seen a black cat with the golden/brown eyes. I think he is about 3 to 4 months old. We are not sure where he came form but he has made his self at home and know how to use the litter box. He need to gain a bit of weight and he will be doing really good. You can see his ribs, back bone and his tail bones, but we are feeding him 6 to 8 time a day 1/6 of a can of food mixed with 1/8th cup dry and he is doing good with that. As he getting the weight on we will stop the wet food. He is the only cat getting wet and that is only because a co-worker of my husbands gave it to us(her cats can't have seafood types). In just a little over 24 hours his coat is already looking and feeling better. We have named him Shadow for he follows me every where. He does have a white dot on his chest and belly alone with some white in the armpit area.
He loves to cuddle with our older dog that we just found out has arthritis in her lower spine and left back knee. With some meds she is moving around much better but don't like to be cuddled with by the kitten.


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