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Monday, February 18, 2013
Looks like I have found a place that will buy my eggs. They may not buy them all but at least I will be getting them out of the frig a bit faster. Eggs in the incubator are doing good. Only had to remove one after candling the other day. As soon as the weather is a bit better we are really going to have to put 4 or 5 roosters in to freezer camp. I have 12 tweens that I am going to have to move before the 24 so that I have room for my broody hen, that is on some plastic Easter eggs till the eggs that are in the incubator hatch, at that time I will put her and the 4 or 5 green eggs in the pen. The rest of the eggs that hatch I will be trying to sell. I really don' t need any more hen right now.
I am looking forward to being able to get my rabbits someday soon. Still have to find a place for the cage to go that will be safe. I am thinking of hanging it in the run that the chicken use a bit. This is about the only place that I can think of that would be safe and dry where the droppings would not really be to much of a problem. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. The chicken don't really stay in the run unless I having to lock them up for a few days to get them to use the nest boxes and not the woods. I would have to find a place in the winter a bit safer that has protection form the wind more. I really need a new chicken/rabbit barn.Using my husband shop as a chicken coop is not going to work forever, but till they can pay for this new building that is where they are going to be is in his shop.
All the cats are getting along with the new kitten except Snowflake(Missy) She is the only female cat that we have and she is a bitch. She is spending a lot more time outside and that is fine with me. She is fixed. She is the only cat that has two answering machines and never checks them. she does not like to be held, or spent time time in lap hence the two answering machines. All the other cats at least check theirs and will spent time in laps. This is from a saying "dog come when called, cats have answering machines"
I found a new bread recipe that was awesome. Going to be making it a lot for a time since I seem to not be able to get enough of it. I just put everything in my kitchen-aid and let it do its job, the bread was light and airy. Yes the yeast and all, I did not proof the yeast at all, and it worked.


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