Eggs, Eggs and More eggs, what to do

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
With having 25 hens that can lay I am getting more eggs than I know what to do with. We put a sign at the end of the drive to try and sell them and so far nothing,  of course I live on a very slow road.

 Below is the frig with all the eggs in it. The top three or for my grandson and everyone in his household. We give him the pee-wees. The other 11 1/2 dozen are to be sold. I am starting to keep some on the counter for hatching eggs, if any one would like them.

Yesterday we put 37 eggs on the incubator, going to sell the chicks when they come, all but the ones form the green eggs. I plan on have us use only the green eggs. If I don't start selling some soon I am going to have to do a freezer camp stock up. We seem to be going through about 3 50# bags a feed a week and that is just to much. I do have 7+ roosters to deal with, but the weather just has not been that good on the weekend when hubby is home to kill them. I can do every part of the process but the killing.

It is getting to be time to get the garden started. We still have to build all our boxes, get the soil and all that. I have our plans made up. We are looking at three 4 x 4 boxes. One that has nothing in the middle for we are going to use it for the peas and green beans. One side will be peas the other green beans with tomatoes on each end. There is an old swinging chair frame that we are going to use for the frame for them to run on. One of the other boxes is going to be salad greens, carrots, onions and the likes and the last is going to be peppers with spinach and radish around the plants.


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