New Year, New Things

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Well, this year I will be going back to college, for what I am not really sure. For right now I am taking some classes for plants and animal to help better understand what I want to do on my homestead. I hope that I can learn stuff that will help me.We(as in me and my son) are now on a low cholesterol diet and that means a lot of changing of what and how we eat. We got started a bit early by starting yesterday.
This is going to be the first year that we really get stuff going on the homestead for I have help beside my husband this year. We have a garden to plan and get planted, animals to work on getting and the only money that we are going to have is the money that I get for my chicken eggs sales and the sale of baby chicks alone with what my son can put in to it. I would like to be able to get a goat and a trio of rabbits for better meat choices for us to eat that are healthier.
We are also going to be starting a better cleaning idea for the house,well it is one I have had for a time but now that my husband told me NO computer for us till chores are done it is get it done or no computer. The chore list is not that long for everyday so in less than an hour we should be able to get all the chores done and be on the computer doing games and homework.
Sadie or oldest dog had to go to the vet yesterday and they found that she had a tick disease, so now she is on some meds for 30 days. We were thinking that she had arthritis since she is 9 years old but as of now it is not.


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