New eggs and More

Monday, January 21, 2013
Well some of the new girls are starting and one of them are laying blue eggs. That now gives me two green/blue eggs for now. Some of the new girls have taken to laying under the house, the good thing is it is a easy location to get to, It is just remembering to go look there everyday. We are now getting about a dozen eggs a day. I should have three more in the clutch that is out in the grow out brooder, that we build yesterday. We build it by taking a piece of fence and making a semi-circle up against a wall. It works for chicks that are 4 weeks or older. I don't mind to much having chicks in the house but the dust gets to be a pain. In the Spring I will keep all the chicks in my garage. I got my husband to put the hinges on the coop door so that it will not fall on me or the chickens.
I am hoping that we will be able to start getting some for the rabbits or goats soon. We got the fence done so that we can have a goat or two.
As for the low cholesterol diet we are still working on it and doing good at it. We did have a slip up week this last week. I would like to be able to start using some texture protein to help lower our intake of cholesterol even more. We found some that we would like to get but having the money to get it is another thing. We have had to go on a very tight budget for this year. With getting the new house and having to buy a new lawn mower this year. There is some things that are just going to have to wait.


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