More new eggs and homemade tamales

Monday, January 28, 2013
The girls are still give up new eggs. Most of the time we are getting around 18 or so. We are making a Egg for sale sign to put at the end of the drive way this week. I will take a picture when it is done. I have about 8 dozen in the frig and another dozen or two on the counter and for the family. Yesterday we had to dispatch one of the roosters for he was causing way to much trouble. I had had him locked up all day to be butchered  out but we did not get to it so we let him out. Not 20 minutes later he was attack Copper one of my best roosters again. I marched my happy ass back into the house grabbed my .22 and three bullets( there was no way we were going to catch him) gave them to my husband and told have at it. I can say that my husband can shoot the eye of a rooster at 10 feet. My son and I dressed him out. We have found that it is much easier to pluck out the feathers right after they are killed and you don't get the wet feather smell. We just cut the wings off if we can not get all the feathers out fast enough, for there is not much meat there.
Today my son and I made homemade tamales and it was not that hard at all. He uses a Guajillo pepper that is very mild heat wise. We use the chilies mixes with some hot water to make our rice too. I think we are going to start making tamales when roast go on sale for we get quite a few out of one good size roast. I think we might make some chicken one later this week to put in the freezer since I have two chickens that we need to use up.
I would like to start getting the freeze stocked up with food along with canned good and dried foods on the shelves. Being that we live so far out it is not easy to get to town like a lot of people can. I need to have a small store in my house to not have to go to the store as much. We are going to have to go slow at it for more money coming in would be very nice, and to do that my son and I have to go find jobs alone with running the homestead. That is ok for right now we just have the chickens and if we can save up the money we will get our rabbits and a goat or two later this year.
As for lowering our cholesterol that has be a bit harder this last week or so. We really try to watch what we are eating in the morning and afternoon so that we don't have to watch so much at dinner time. We really have to get some of the VTP to start using to help cut the cholesterol down even more. Again that is going to have to wait till more money is coming in to the household.


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