Low Cholesterol might mean lose weight

Sunday, January 6, 2013
With the diet that my son and I are on we might just start to lose some weight. He don't really need to lose weight but I sure the heck do. My son did a lot of research on lowering your Cholesterol and found that adding a lot more fiber to the diet will help lower the cholesterol. Well to add fiber to our diet we are just about going vegan but really we are not, we are just really cutting back on all animal product that we take in.
For breakfast we eat oatmeal or cream of wheat 6 days a week the 7th day we have 1 egg and a breakfast meat such as a Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit like we did this last Saturday. For lunch we try to have a salad or a veggie dish(leftovers at times).We do not eat Ice Burg lettuce for it really has no nutritional value. We eat Spring greens and Spinach, add green onions and I use a nice topper that is crunch since I can not use bacon bits and meats.   For dinner we have our one meat for the day since there is no way on this earth I am going to get my husband to not eat meat and potatoes. We watch how much meat we take in by weighing out our portions. We strive to stay very close to the 3 ounce mark.
We do raise our own chicken and soon we are going to start having rabbit. Now I know some of you don't think of rabbit as a food but I was raised eating rabbit that we raised. This is a leaner meat that pork and beef. Fish is another food that we will start eating more of, Once we start to go fishing
Each week I think we are going to try a vegan product and see if we can use it to help in our fight to lower the Cholesterol and keep it down. This week it is a cheese for having grill cheese sandwiches or a breakfast sandwich on the weekends. I found a recipe for a tofu bacon sub that we are going to try at some point.
The goal is to lower our Cholesterol and lose weight a week at a time so each week that we succeed is another week that the goal is met.


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