What Happen over the Weekend and for next week

Monday, December 3, 2012
 Not a whole lot happen for it was my husband on call weekend. We did get all the household shopping done and a bit of the holiday shopping done. Still have a lot of holiday shopping to get done but I always do it late. I am thinking of making homemade gifts for a lot of people this year. Finished up the tree the best that I can with what I have at this time, going to get more the day after the holidays. You know when everything is on sale 1/2 priced.
This after it is all done
At night with the lights before it is done
Sunday my husband had to run a load of feed so all we were able to get done was a shopping trip for stuff I had forgot the day before and needed for the nest boxes that we had to redo. We moved them out of the coop and attached them to a side wall with a door to get the eggs. I have some many chickens and some were using the nest boxes for roosts and it was looking very bad. Still have a little work to do but they can use them and not roost on them. I also put a planter on the floor for the hens that don't like the nest boxes. I have one hen that I know of that is laying under the house and I have to close that off asap, it is getting old having to go under all the time.
As for dinners this week:
 my son is going to be home in a little bit and he is going to make ribs I think we are going to have mashed potatoes and broccoli and cheese sauce.
TUESDAY: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed peas
WEDNESDAY: Lasagna, Garlic bread, salad? If I can get the fixing for salad
THURSDAY: Leftovers if any, if not Hamburgers and Mac and Cheese
FRIDAY: Chicken(not sure how yet) rice, a vegetable and maybe a salad.

We really need to start eating more salads, I started a pot of stuff for salads but am not sure if it is going to grew. All I can do is wait and see, if it don't I am hopping that I can get a small green house or make one that I can put in front of my large window and that the cats will not be able to get into and use the pots for potty boxes.  
As for the week there is a lot to get done. Today I have to go to airport and get my son, saved some the decorating for when he gets home. I have to go to the doctors Tuesday for some blood work and then we are off to the college to get all signed up, yes I am going to see about going to school this next year. Since my son is going to be going and I am going to have to drive him there anyway I might as well do some classes that might help me out with my hobby farm. We have to clean out the chicken coop, work on getting the fence ready for other animals and see what we can do to start a pig pen. We are running out of pork from our last pig. need to clean out he garages and all that too. Might not get it all done but I hope to get a good start if the weather hold out. Yes it is December and I have windows open. The weather has been so warm so far this year. I hope we don't have a winter like last year, it was just to warm all winter.