Yule tree and updates

Thursday, November 29, 2012
I got my tree up and most of the decorations on it but I am thinking I am going to have to buy some new ones to give the sparkle I would like it to have. I did have to buy new lights and that was around $50 for we got LED and they are so nice looking. They are the C6 bulb and love them for they remind me of the old C9 that we had as a child. When I am all done with my tree I will post some pictures of it, but for me it is not ready at all.
Honey has most defiantly gone broody so she is in a cage in the enter-way on 10 eggs. I bring her in to brood so that she is not using up one of the nest and so the chicks do not fall out of the nest when they get here for the nest are 2 to 3 feet off the ground.
My son is due to be back home this next week so we are going to try and get started on the garden areas and the fence for the goats and other animals. I know that it coming up on wither time but that is about the only time we have to get ready for spring at this time. So far it has been really nice during the day so we can work outside.
Once he is back I hope to get started with making some good food to eat for Breakfast and lunch, stuff that we can just heat and eat., going to work on recipes later today and will try to post if I can. I would like to do better at feeding my family better meals more fruit and vegetables.l We can only wait and see what happens.

I decided that I was going to try and plant some vegetables inside, for I have 3 very large window on the south side of the house. For now I have a very large planter in a room that the cats can not into planted with spinach, green leaf lettuce and some tomato seed to see what will happen. As time goes on and I find way to grow stuff in the house with out the cats using them a litter boxes I will plant more for I have lots of pots around. The inside of my house does not get below 60 degrees for we keep the heater on at 65 degrees but some rooms get colder than that.
It will be great if this works and we can have salads all year long for that is something that we really need to start eating more of. Might just have to rearrange the house some to have a nice room to grow in, that the cats can not be in.


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