Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Sorry to the one's that do follow my blog, but there really is nothing going on around here to blog about. With summer over and fall here there is nothing to harvest(garden is gone((never got one in here)).With winter here I am working on crafts and playing more games on the computer. I am also watching more TV. The Holidays are here and I seem to really be in full swing of them this year. This is a first in many years and I an not really sure why. I am even listen to holiday music, and I have not like much of that at all over that last several years. I think some of it has to do with the Thyroid medication the doctor has me on and the fact that I have a wonderful house to decorate this year. I am just now getting to the decorating and am going to take my time at it.
For the most part you will not see Christmas in many of my post for I am Pagan and celebrate Yule, I will use Holiday most of the time since there are so many different one at this time of year. I did grow up celebrating Christmas for my dad was Catholic and my mother always said she was an atheist, I now believe that this was because being a pagan back then was not good. Since I did grow up with Christmas I still do a lot of the stuff I grew up. As a pagan not a lot is different for most all of the Christmas ideas were pagan in the first place. I have changed some of the decorations that I use, so that there is more of  Yule feeling here.
Thanksgiving was good and my sister and niece were here with no drama. well my niece did step and chicken pooh and that was a site to behold. You would think it was acid the way she took off her shoes and then walk around in socks in an area where there was more chicken pooh. I told here there has been more chicken pooh in this house than she would care to know of for we are always caring it in on our shoes. We do try hard to keep from bring it in but it still happens as anyone with farm animals knows.
Our house chicken in now back out int he coop for she was poohing all over the place and getting a diaper on her was not going to happen. I am thinking of getting rabbits soon to be in the house. I just need another cage so that I can have a buck and and a doe. Rabbit is going to be one of our meat sources.


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