Lighted Reindeer, what to do

Friday, November 30, 2012
When I bought this house that I am in, it had 4 of the white reindeer under a part of the house and I am working on getting them to work. The big thing is that the light sets that are on them are the old ones that can really hike up the electric bill. I am thinking of changing the lights on them to the LED lights and also doing them in color and not the white like everyone has. I am not a big fan of all white lights. The big thing is getting my husband to buy the lights for them. He is a great man and has bought just about all I have wanted for this holiday season, for it is the first one I have been this into it for sometime. I guess I better get to work on them so I know how many lights they need.
I think I am going to have another project for the weekend and that is redoing my egg nest. I have some young chickens that think that roosting on the edge and on top is OK and I can not break them of it. I am going to see about moving the nests out of the coop but them still able to get in them. I don't like all the pooh that is building up on them and it is nasty. I try to clean it but to no avail for they are just back the next night. I am going to have to do some thing so that the hubby will do some of the work so I can get them made.


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