Well, looks like we have a house chicken

Sunday, October 28, 2012
At the end of last week we moved my sons baby chicks to the main coop, wouldn't you know it that would be the night that a  small opossum got into the coop. His only white chick got attacked but I was there in time to save it and move her(Snow White) into the house. We did lose one the next night but it was a roosters so not to big a deal. We have fixed the coop door to keep out the opossum out. We did not know if she was going to make it but after two full days in the house she is doing very good. Since she is going to have some damage to her under side she is going to become a house chicken. We are going to make her a nice place to stay in at night to keep her save from all the cats. Right now she is on the floor behind me on her blanket. Most of my cats know what a chicken is for I have over 30 of them outside all the time.
This a picture that we took this morning while she was out after the night. Yes there is a cat and a dog in the picture and they don't bother her at all. We do have to watch the cats for it is natural for them to attack a chicken. I am going to make her some chicken diapers as soon as I can find a pattern form them. I just have to watch for she was a bit chewed up under her wings. Yes that is me in the back. Bobo is the cat that is in the picture, he is a great cat.

Today we got the door to the family room fixed so it will shut, man it is a lot warmer in here. I hope that this will help with the heating and cooling.


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