New Babiies

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
My  brooder hen decided it was time to go broody about three weeks ago so I let her have 10 eggs. I lost my other broody hen to the heat. Well yesterday they started to hatch, and now I have a total of 7 chicks. One of the chicks did not make it and there still two eggs under her, one with a pip. For the time they are in a large box in the house since I don't have a place outside for them with this heat we are having where they would be safe.
My oldest son has come to stay with me for a bit and has never seen baby chicks and all the chickens. I think he would like to make a pet out of one of them but I don't think mommy hen would like that to much. My son is going to help me get my farm going while he goes to collage. He takes after me when comes to animals, also love the idea of raising our own for food.
We hope to have another pig soon and we are talking of Rabbits too. We have some fence work and cages to get but in time we will have it all. Now that my son is here I might get things going a bit faster, if I can get him and me off the games to get it done.
This fall and winter we are going to be getting the garden plot in and ready for next year. Moving into a new place and getting everything fixed up and ready does take time. There are a lot of planters here and we just have to clean them and add fresh dirt to them, the grass has taken most of them over, but again the heat is stopping me form getting out there and dealing with that.


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