candled last night, not looking to good

Friday, August 24, 2012
Well last night we candled the eggs and form what I can see we only have 13 that are good, but there are a lot that I was not sure of at all. Most of the time when I get eggs at the auction I only have about a 25% hatch rate. For the time being we are leaving all the eggs in the incubator till around day 14, that is the day that I will toss the bad ones out.
Right now I have around 20 hens that should be laying, but I am only getting around 10 to 11 eggs a day if that. 1 hen has 8 chicks and I know she is not laying right now. I think some of last years hens are starting to molt and that means no eggs for a while. I have been seeing a lot of feather all around in different places. At first I thought something got one of my hens but no that was not it.

I have been looking at and I can not wait to get my new dehydrator and all that so that I can start dehydrating and seeing what I can do with it. With my son here we are going to work on it together. There are a lot of good recipes that she makes that I really would like to try, My big thing is where to put it all that is cool enough for storage. My garage is not all that cool in the summer, but we are planning on doing something about that later so that we can use it for storage later.
It is also time to start getting wood for the winter. After 2009's ice storm and that fact that I am even further out that at that time I really don't what to be without wood in the wood shed and food stored up in case we get stuck. I don't think we would stuck to bad for hubby has a 4 wheel drive truck, but still really need to be ready for anything.


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