candled last night, not looking to good

Friday, August 24, 2012
Well last night we candled the eggs and form what I can see we only have 13 that are good, but there are a lot that I was not sure of at all. Most of the time when I get eggs at the auction I only have about a 25% hatch rate. For the time being we are leaving all the eggs in the incubator till around day 14, that is the day that I will toss the bad ones out.
Right now I have around 20 hens that should be laying, but I am only getting around 10 to 11 eggs a day if that. 1 hen has 8 chicks and I know she is not laying right now. I think some of last years hens are starting to molt and that means no eggs for a while. I have been seeing a lot of feather all around in different places. At first I thought something got one of my hens but no that was not it.

I have been looking at and I can not wait to get my new dehydrator and all that so that I can start dehydrating and seeing what I can do with it. With my son here we are going to work on it together. There are a lot of good recipes that she makes that I really would like to try, My big thing is where to put it all that is cool enough for storage. My garage is not all that cool in the summer, but we are planning on doing something about that later so that we can use it for storage later.
It is also time to start getting wood for the winter. After 2009's ice storm and that fact that I am even further out that at that time I really don't what to be without wood in the wood shed and food stored up in case we get stuck. I don't think we would stuck to bad for hubby has a 4 wheel drive truck, but still really need to be ready for anything.

We over filled the incubator

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Yes you read that right WE, that is my son and I. My son is taking some online college class and for a class project he is incubating eggs in my incubator. Right now there are 60 eggs in there and it really only hold 48, but since most of the time when I get eggs at the auction a lot go bad we got extra. We are going to candle on Friday and see what we can see. We started them on Saturday at about 6 PM.
Saturday we all went to the auction, for the last time,(they closed down after that) to sell 9 roosters and to by eggs for the incubator. Well they only had 8 dozen and we bought them all for $14.40 or $1.90 a dozen. There was another person there that was wanting eggs and had drove just a bit farther than we had so we sold him 3 at $2.00. The rooster made around $27.00 so all in all we had a good day.
We came home marked the eggs with there weight and a call number for later on when it is time to do all the graphing that my son is going to do. He want to see what it cost to raise them and all that so I get to find out for FREE, for my son bought the eggs, is buying the feed and all that. I am letting him use what I have since we have it already. He is going to help get the second coop build and that is where his chickens will be even if he moves out.

He is talking about getting a few other animals too and that is fine as long as he is going to help with all that has to be done to take care of them including butchering. There are fences that need to be fixed and cages to buy building to put up and a lot of money to spend. I know we will not get a lot done for a time but in time we will get a lot done.

RIP Buckbeak

Friday, August 10, 2012
Last night Buckbeak pass away. I knew something was wrong when we( my son and I) went to tuck in the chickens and Buckbeak was not moving as fast as normal. I brought him into the house and let him spend his last few hours in a crate in the house. I also let him have run of our game room where we have our computers.
Born 3/23/2012 Died 8/10/2012
This little guy got to have a good life for around 4 to 5 months, gave me some laugh.

New Babiies

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
My  brooder hen decided it was time to go broody about three weeks ago so I let her have 10 eggs. I lost my other broody hen to the heat. Well yesterday they started to hatch, and now I have a total of 7 chicks. One of the chicks did not make it and there still two eggs under her, one with a pip. For the time they are in a large box in the house since I don't have a place outside for them with this heat we are having where they would be safe.
My oldest son has come to stay with me for a bit and has never seen baby chicks and all the chickens. I think he would like to make a pet out of one of them but I don't think mommy hen would like that to much. My son is going to help me get my farm going while he goes to collage. He takes after me when comes to animals, also love the idea of raising our own for food.
We hope to have another pig soon and we are talking of Rabbits too. We have some fence work and cages to get but in time we will have it all. Now that my son is here I might get things going a bit faster, if I can get him and me off the games to get it done.
This fall and winter we are going to be getting the garden plot in and ready for next year. Moving into a new place and getting everything fixed up and ready does take time. There are a lot of planters here and we just have to clean them and add fresh dirt to them, the grass has taken most of them over, but again the heat is stopping me form getting out there and dealing with that.